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We provide thorough analysis of your business or data problem, and understand that having a data-driven workplace culture is important and new to many businesses.  We help your company learn and understand how to integrate data science into your daily work flow.

As with any project, we start by studying your business needs and/or challenges.  Identifying key metrics and specific goals of you business allows us to help track success.

Every business has questions that can be answered using data. Perhaps your challenges are seeing trends in patient outcomes or looking for modeling of patient performance.

We review your current data system and explore datasets to find anomalies, missing values, dependencies, and patterns


Data Visualization 

Data needs to be consumable and easy to understand and read.  Creating visually appealing representations of your workplace data is key to understanding and solving business problems.

 Data is here and we need to know what it says

Data visualization is an art form that grabs our interest and keeps our eyes on the message that is being portrayed. When we see a chart, we quickly see trends and outliers. Visualizations allow us to internalize and understand data easily.  It’s storytelling with a purpose. 

Data Driven Clinical Outcomes Support

  • Electronic health records.
  • Administrative data.
  • Claims data.
  • Patient/disease registries
  • Health surveys.
  • Clinical trials data.

Data that is meaningful is the information that businesses can use to create change.  So much of clinical data is stored away and never seen again.  Analyzing the meaningful data that can inform change and develop processes to streamline documentation is key.  Leveraging this data has the opportunity to assist in outcomes and quality improvement, transforming patient care and outcomes.  Which in turn can lower cost, increase reimbursement and increase healthcare professional experiences. We can help with an affective clinical data analytics strategy.


Machine Learning

With the use of predictive analytics we can glimpse into the future with the help of current and historical data.  Remove guesswork and learn how your company, and patients can change for the future. Finding these patterns in your historical data can help predict trends and seasonal cycles. 

Predictive analytics offers opportunities to increase healthcare outcomes and processes by translating data for decision-makers to uncover process gaps and improve overall healthcare business operations.