Sarra Mullen, CP


Sarra Mullen, CP is the Founder and CEO of con moto prosthetics, inc., a creative and visionary leader working at the crossroads between mechanical and technology advanced prosthetics innovation.

Sarra’s background includes more than ten years living abroad in four countries, on three continents; giving her a cultured and global view of healthcare.

Prior to con moto prosthetics, inc., Sarra served the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago as a Clinical and Research Prosthetist.  Sarra spent those ten years fitting and designing high-end devices for the complex patient.  Sarra also served as a member on multiple committees aimed to streamline process flow and business initiatives.  Embracing prosthetics education, Sarra also co-managed the Prosthetic and Orthotic Residency in the Prosthetic Orthotic Clinical Center of RIC.

Sarra graduated from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine Prosthetic-Orthotic Program in 2006 and completed her Prosthetics Residency at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago in 2007.

Prior to con moto prosthetics, inc., Sarra lectured biweekly at the RIC Academy for Physical Therapists as well as led prosthetic laboratory sessions at Northwestern University Physical Therapy Department.  Sarra was a member of the Center for Bionic Medicine research team who presented a powered leg controlled prosthesis along with neural interface research at the International Symposium on Innovations in Amputation Surgery and Prosthetic Technologies held in Chicago, IL in 2016

Along with her clinical and research work, Sarra has also lectured on topics such as lean methodologies, 5S initiatives, accreditation/compliance and other healthcare business topics.

With con moto prosthetics, inc., Sarra is able to reach an international audience and help shape the landscape of prosthetic care for a diverse customer base.